We are doing all we can to respond to your requests as promptly as possible during these challenging times.
Please note the closure of many drop-off points and the disruption in delivery services
will have an impact on our response time and may cause delays in the processing of claims.
We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

23 - How to contact the MSPA Service Center


    You have different ways to contact us : 

    1- If you sadly have an issue with your MSpa Hot Tub, please can you complete the claims form to provide us with the necessary information for your particular Hot Tub model.
    The form link is here


    2 - If you have a question about your MSpa Hot Tub, including how to use it, or how to maintain the water quality, please can you send us an email with reference to this.
    Our address is service@mspasupport.co.uk


    3 -If you'd like talk to us about your MSPA or your claims request, you can telephone us.
    Please note, that before you ring us, it'll be helpful for you to have filled out the form, and to have a note of the claims number.
    +44 20 7113 9073