09 - How much water or how high of the spa pool shall the consumer fills water in the spa ?


    There are two water lines printed on the inner wall of the spa pool: Minimum Water Level and Maximum Water Level, The customer needs fill the water into the spa between the two water lever liners.

    Special Attention:

    1.Fill in water into the spa pool carefully especially for the first time of use. The water must reach the minimum water line but not exceed the maximum water line, otherwise it may cause filter pump failure.

    2. Please avoid water spillage from the spa pool, the spilled water may flow into the control box and damage the components inside the control box.

    3. After filling in water, please check air pressure again and make sure the indication pin reads in green sector. When needs to inflate more air during use, please make sure the indication pin also point within green sector in any term.

    4. Please reduce the air pressure to the yellow sector of manometer to avoid over inflation due to warm weather or sunshine etc. after leaving the spar pool outside under the sunshine for long.